History Of Star Wars Day

April 30, 2023

Star Wars Day! It’s almost here! Hopefully you have already started combing out the knots from your Wookie costume in preparation for May the 4th. But do you know the origins of Star Wars Day? Good news… we did the research for you so you don’t have to.

The origins of Star Wars Day are not entirely clear, but believe it or not it involves  former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher?! Yep. 

Margaret Thatcher Meme

The first recorded instance of the phrase being used in connection with the Star Wars franchise was in 1979. On May 4th of that year, the Conservative Party in the UK took out a newspaper ad that read, "May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations." The ad was a congratulatory message to Margaret Thatcher, who had just been elected as the UK's first female Prime Minister.

The next notable instance of the phrase being used in connection with Star Wars occurred in 2011, when the Toronto Underground Cinema organized a Star Wars movie marathon on May 4th. The event was advertised with the tagline, "May the Fourth Be With You."

Since then, Star Wars Day has grown in popularity and is celebrated by fans around the world with movie marathons, cosplay, and various other Star Wars-themed activities. The day has been recognized by the official Star Wars website, and Lucasfilm has released special merchandise and content to mark the occasion.

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